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MS and PhD in Environmental Chemistry

     The Chemistry Department at SUNY-ESF, located in Syracuse, New York, focuses on applications of the central science to solve interdisciplinary problems.  We offer research-based MS and PhD degrees in Chemistry, as well as a coursework masters degree (MPS).  Research in Environmental Chemistry spans a wide range, from field work to laboratory work to computer modeling, and from global biogeochemical cycles to ecosystems to air and water pollution.


   This department provides a challenging yet supportive environment that encourages student growth and success. We have a relatively new  (1997)facility and extensive equipment for research. Faculty have extensive funding from NSF, EPA, etc. 

    Our students are very successful in finding jobs in industry, government, and academia. For all these reasons, this is a great place to earn a graduate degree!

    Our recently revised web page at has information about applying, including an FAQ page.

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MS and PhD in Environmental Chemistry

Dear Dr. Theodore Dibble

I think environmental chemistry is a key topic and deserve much attention. I Iraq I started the teaching of this subject and it is now a predominant course in the Applied Chemistry Department atthe University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. I also prepared a document to be the basis of teaching the subject by others.

I left the country since Aug 2009 to work as a visiting proessor at Montclair State University, MSU in New Jersey. I also participated in the  research program in the department of Earth and Environmental studies. 

My work with MSU will be terminated next Aug. I am looking for an opportunity to continue teaching and research in Environmental Chemistry, hopefully in your department. I have more than 85 published papers and 9 patents. Nearly 20 Ph D. and M Sc sudents worked under my supervision in Iraq. Currently I am within a commttee of a Ph D. Students in the same field.

Best regards

Mahmood M. Barbooti, Ph. D, Analytical Chemistry

Visiting Prof at  Montclair State University

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