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4th Industrial Green Chemistry World International Convention & Ecosystem

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Asia’s flagship convention- “Industrial Green Chemistry World” (IGCW) is an ever growing global community of industry leaders and academic experts committed to forwarding and hand-holding the emerging field of “Green Chemistry & Green Engineering” among the burgeoning Indian Chemical Industry.

IGCW 2015 Full Logo.pngThe IGCW platform is recognized for bringing together key stakeholders of the chemical fraternity (both industrial and non-industrial) to deliberate on a common agenda of accelerating the implementation and industrialization of ‘Green Chemistry & Green Engineering’ practices into the Indian Chemical Industry. This December, Mumbai will witness the biennial convergence of 40 global experts, 400 senior executives and over 100 research scientists, academicians and students, participating in the 4th Industrial Green Chemistry World Convention, scheduled on 4th & 5th December 2015 at Hotel Courtyard Marriot, Mumbai.

The twin objectives of this Convention are, 1) to highlight leading ideas that have stood the test of time and have been transformed into successful implementations of ‘green chemistry &/or engineering’ based practices, and 2) to connect the right solution providers to the industry seekers.

IGCW-2015 promises yet another focused Industrial gathering to explore, engage-in and exchange- best practices, tools and technologies, which can make our chemical manufacturing processes environmentally benign, inherently safe and sustainably profitable.

4th IGCW-2015 aims to:

  • Facilitate an industrial ecosystem to accelerate the implementation and industrialization of Green Chemistry and Engineering practices
  • Bring forth technical know-how of green chemistry applications from the corridors of laboratories to the cauldrons of industry
  • Familiarize green chemistry not as a different genre, but as an integral way of doing chemical processes
  • Recognize emerging global trends in the direction of prioritizing sustainability and environmental safety
  • Express Industry’s commitment towards triple bottom-line benefits of Profit, Society and Sustainable planet
  • Connect various chemical community stakeholders
  • Create value for chemical companies by providing and seeking relevant services

The 4th IGCW-2015 Convention & Ecosystem provides an apt platform for solution and technology providers from across the globe to showcase their potential technologies, products and/or services to the Indian Chemical Industry seeking right partners for accelerating the implementation and industrialization of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering based practices in Indian Chemical Industry.

In this context, the 4th IGCW-2015 stands out as a timely opportunity for exploring new paradigms, new ways of collaborating and to showcase new products and technological solutions in the green chemistry and/or engineering direction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW)?

  • IGCW is an expression that goes beyond the theoretical understanding of ‘green’ chemistry & ‘green’ engineering
  • IGCW is attempt that brings-forth relevant products, processes & technologies from the corridors of laboratories to the cauldrons of the Industry
  • IGCW is a growing ecosystem for creating real-time value for chemical companies by providing and seeking relevant services, technologies, products, expertise and/or solutions

Is it real?

  • IGCW is recognized as Asia’s largest industrial convention on ‘Green Chemistry & Green Engineering’
  • Being regularly organized every two years since its launch in 2009, and will be facilitated biennially until 2020
  • Leading institutes and organizations have come together to build the IGCW platform. Click here to view the list of past and present IGCW Partners and Supporters

Is it credible?

Is it worthy of my time and money?

Who else is participating?

  • Day I (4th Dec. 2015) is for chief executives, entrepreneurs, senior decision makers
  • Day II (5th Dec. 2015, pre-lunch) is primarily for technical directors/consultants, R&D managers, and principal scientists
  • Day II (5th Dec. 2015, post-lunch), is for project, production and operation  managers and consultants

Who are the Speakers?

IGCW-2015 brings together diverse experts and industry stalwarts on a common platform- the 4th edition of IGCW-2015 speakers include:

  • Dr. John Warner, Co-founder 12 Principles of Green Chemistry (The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, USA)
  • Dr. David J. Constable (Director, ACS Green Chemistry Institute, USA)
  • Dr. Raman Ramachandran (Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India)
  • Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram (CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow, National Chemical Laboratories, India)
  • Dr. Joachim F Kruger (Senior Vice President, Clariant Chemicals, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Maria Dalko (Director of Chemistry Department, L'Oréal Research & Innovation, France)
  • Dr. Murali Sastry (CEO, IITB-Monash Research Academy, India).

Click here to view the complete list of IGCW-2015 Confirmed Speakers

What’s in it for me and my organisation?

  • If you are solution provider you may consider showcasing your relevant product, technology, solution or services at the IGCW-2015 EXPO to tap the emerging ‘green chemistry & engineering market in India’
  • If you have a great idea, initiative or proof-of-concept which you want India to look at, you may consider submitting your case-study for IGCW Awards
  • If you are seeking solutions, technical insights, learning from Industry peers, and network with like-minded, you may Register here to attend the Convention

We are promoting awareness /building networks / expanding business opportunities for ‘green chemistry’, how do we come on-board as a Partner? 

That’s awesome! As, we too believe in synergizing our respective efforts and initiatives. Write to us at and we will love to hear more about your work, and partner with you to collectively forward the cause of ‘green chemistry & green engineering’.

How can I keep myself updated on IGCW-2015 Convention?

You can subscribe to IGCW -2015 news and updates by signing-up for weekly mailers at

You can also get connected to us (along with 30,000+ green chemistry community) on e-IGCW social media :  Twitter  ; LinkedIn ; Facebook

In case you need any further information or assistance, feel free to reach out us : Email:  Phone: +91 22 2879 1275 / 1835

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