A Roadmap for Green Chemistry Education: August Update

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The 19th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference sparked an enthusiastic buzz around green chemistry education leading us up to the first education roadmap visioning workshop. The roadmap for green chemistry education project is a broad-scale, community-driven initiative to create common goals and a vision for the future of green chemistry, a field where there are currently many impressive but uncoordinated efforts. It will catalyze the implementation of steps to achieve that vision through engagement of a variety of sectors in the chemical enterprise.

In this September workshop approximately a dozen green chemistry experts and key stakeholders will discuss the focus, scope, and common goals for the roadmap project. Check out the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® (ACS GCI) education roadmap webpage for more information about who will be participating as well as an overview of the planned meeting agenda and contents.

If you’re a chemistry educator, please participate in the ACS GCI chemistry educator survey to help provide data on the current state of chemistry education as we build a green chemistry roadmap.

The survey is available here.

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