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ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturer’s Roundtable Wins National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Grant

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The American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute (ACS GCI) Chemical Manufacturer’s Roundtable has received a $500,000 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia planning grant from NIST. The grant will help the Roundtable develop greener and more efficient processes that can be used in chemical manufacturing.

In particular, the project team seeks to develop a Technology Road Map to propel the design of more energy-efficient alternatives to distillation, the most common separation process across the chemical manufacturing industry. Amit Sehgal Ph.D., of Solvay USA, Inc., the Roundtable Co-Chair stated, starting with molecular chemistry, they “envision a broader range of molecular properties or interactions (inter-molecular and molecular-material) to drive separations with an end goal of providing a logical decision tree based on intrinsic properties for an efficient, sustainable and least energy-intensive separation process.” Led by the ACS GCI Industrial Roundtables, this project is collaboration among the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Separations Division, the Computational Molecular Simulation & Engineering Forum, the Industrial Fluid Simulation Collective, the Pine Chemicals Association and several ACS GCI Industrial Roundtable member companies.

The ACS GCI Chemical Manufacturer’s Roundtable will attend the 19th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference July 14-16, 2015, as part of its yearly collaborations on advancing green chemistry. The industrial roundtable brings global industry leaders together to catalyze the beneficial implementation of green chemistry and engineering.

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