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ACS GCI Oilfield Chemistry Roundtable Offers $50k Research Grant

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The ACS Green Chemistry Institute Oilfield Chemistry Roundtable (OCR) is seeking a one-year R&D commitment to assist the Roundtable’s discovery of friction reducers and high-viscosity friction reducers that are viable alternatives to current polyacrylamide polymers used in hydraulic fracturing.

Proposals are invited from public and private institutions of higher education worldwide. This project is intended for a student within the selected Principal Investigator’s research group.  One grant is planned to be awarded, and the total award is limited to $50,000 with no institutional overhead charges applied for a grant period of 12 months

The deadline for receipt of proposals is October 31, 2021, at 5 p.m. EDT. Read the full request for proposal.

The ACS GCI OCR is a partnership between the ACS Green Chemistry Institute® and Oilfield Chemistry-related corporations united by a shared commitment to integrate the principles of green and sustainable chemistry and engineering into the business of oilfield development and production. Current members are BASF, Brenntag, CES Energy Solutions, International Flavor and Fragrances, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, NexTier, Rockwater Energy Solutions, and Shell.