Apply Before April 30th for the Applied Separations 4th Annual Supercritical Fluids Education Grant

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AppliedSeparations_logo.jpgAt ACS GCI’s 18th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, Applied Separations will award the 4th Annual Supercritical Fluids Education Grant, worth over $30K, to an institute of higher learning to support education in supercritical fluids and their importance to green chemistry.

Applied Separations Unit.jpgBy using Applied Separations' Supercritical Fluid Extraction system, the Spe-ed SFE Prime, a system designed for teaching supercritical fluids in the classroom, professors will be able to educate their students about this green technology and its applications in foods and natural products where solvents can't be used, as well as nanotechnology, materials science and so much more.

Students can be shown how to easily replace petroleum-based or halogenated solvents with supercritical carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is one of the most commonly used supercritical fluids because it is green, safe, inexpensive, readily available and an ideal substitute for many hazardous and toxic solvents. Supercritical fluids are already being used in many industrial processes such as decaffeinating coffee, and countless ways to use apply this technology are being employed every day.

Click here to apply for the grant or to learn more about Applied Separations and its advancements with Supercritical Fluids. You can also call (610) 770-0900.

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Rolf Schlake, CEO Applied Separations gives grant at the 2013 GC&E Conference.

Photo Credit: Christine Brennan-Schmidt

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