Call for Photos: Endangered Elements

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Demand is high for metals, which are being extracted at increasing rates and can have poor end-of-life recycling rates. We depend on these critical elements every day but rarely do we realize what is required to get them from the mine to chemical company to customer to landfill, and how this impacts our planet and society. In order to depict the life cycle and effects of these critical elements, we are seeking stunning and thought provoking images.

How do we use on these metals? And what are the impacts?

What does a gold mine look like? From space?

Where does e-waste end up?

Who are the miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

How do the impacts differ between abundant and precious metals?

What does a biocatalyst look like? What are other green chemistry solutions?

Send us your high-resolution image(s) for consideration. In addition to being displayed at the 18th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in Washington, DC June 18-20, these images will be on display at our first-ever Science & Society event, “Endangered Elements,”  at the ACS national headquarters in Washington, DC on Monday, June 16, 2014.

Submit all photos to with “Call for Photos” in the subject line by April 30, 2014. Please name your photo files by First and Last Name, Appellation, Photo Title (i.e., Jane Smith, Company/Org, Title.jpg). Files should be saved as jpegs.

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