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Featured GC&E Organizer: Sharon Papke, Covestro

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Leading up to the GC&E Conference we will be posting interviews with our 2017 GC&E Conference organizers to learn a little more about them and the excellent sessions you can look forward to at this year’s conference!


Sharon Papke, Head of CAS NAFTA Advocacy and Business Support, Covestro LLC

Session: Innovating for Today: Applications of Green Chemistry & Engineering Principles in Industry

Q: What motivates you to work in the green chemistry & engineering space?

A: Working for a global chemical manufacturer, I see and hear of all the advances we are making for improvements to both our internal processes and products for external customers.

Q: In one sentence, describe the session you are organizing at GC&E.

A: The session I helped organize focuses on the developments of green chemistry in industry today. There is a Covestro paper that will cover a very exciting new process where CO2 is used as a raw material in the chemical manufacturing process. I see this as an excellent example of innovative green chemistry that is being implemented today.

Q: What will attendees learn at your GC&E session? What makes it unique?

A: What makes it unique is that it is not theoretical, experimental or lab scale green chemistry – these papers highlight industrial scale applications of green chemistry.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the GC&E Conference (or what are you looking forward to)?

A: I am looking forward to the networking opportunities. I like being able to attend the sessions and then follow up in person with the presenters to gain additional insight. I have had great conversations at the past conferences.

Q: What are you currently focused on in your work or research?

A: My work involves sharing the great work that my colleagues are doing. I work with the external marketplace to share the innovative solutions that we are bringing to the market.

Q: If you weren't a chemist, what would you be doing?

A: I was once a bench chemist, but now I work to educate our value chain on Covestro’s developments. I speak with government officials, educators, customers, end users, academics and other influencers in our marketplace every day.

Q: When you aren't at work, how do you spend your free time?

A: I have played ladies’ competitive platform tennis for the past 15 years. It is a winter sport, played outdoors, that helps the winter season pass by very quickly. In the summer, we play for fun with a lower-bounce ball that was designed for warm weather play.

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