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Green Chemistry Loses a Friend

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Green chemistry lost a dear friend and ardent supporter the day before Earth Day 2020.  Anthony (Tony) Noce was a tireless advocate for environmental stewardship and for engaging others in that work.  As chair of the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI), Tony served on the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Advisory Board between 2016 and 2018.  He found a sense of purpose in promoting green and sustainable chemistry, he found ways to apply his considerable project management talent to operations of the CEI, and most of all he found how to help those of us fortunate enough to know him.


Over a recent three-year arc, Tony partnered with fellow GCI Advisory Board member Lauren Heine to organize memorable, well-attended symposia at the annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference.  They brought together a wide array of thought leaders to explore the incentives and barriers in applying green chemistry to real-world sustainability challenges, inspiring countless chemists and engineers to find a way forward.


Building on skills developed in a successful career in environmental consulting, Tony led the CEI to adopt a more project-oriented focus.  In doing so, he enabled the Committee to increase its impact on the scientific community by accomplishing more between its twice per year face-to-face meetings.  During his tenure as chair of CEI, those accomplishments included developing a green chemistry supplement to the ACS Guidelines for Bachelor’s Degree Programs (Green Chemistry in the Curriculum), mounting a workshop to accelerate the integration of sustainable chemistry into the formulated products supply chain, and adopting an ongoing focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  He took on the mission of CEI (advance sustainability thinking and practice across ACS and society for the benefit of earth and its people) as his own.


Truly a force of nature, Tony put his energy to work on behalf of others.  He mentored and promoted the careers of younger colleagues.  His leadership set a high bar, and his infectious enthusiasm attracted collaborators.  He liked to quote iconic anthropologist Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  Putting this philosophy into action, he drew attention to challenges that would benefit the environment, making a difference along the way.  His was a life well lived.  The Green Chemistry community is the better for what Tony contributed to us all.  He will be missed.