Green Chemistry News Roundup: July 29 - August 12, 2016

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What Chemicals are in Your Tattoo?

August 15, 2016 | C&EN

European regulators worry about the inks used to make body decorations, which can be repurposed from the car paint, plastics, and textile dye industries.

How Lego Rebuilt Itself as a Purposeful and Sustainable Brand

August 11, 2016 | Forbes

Flashback to the 1960s when plastics were the future and companies proudly advertised “Better living through chemistry.” It was obviously a different time with different understandings and attitudes towards petrochemicals.

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New Catalyst Offers a Route to Cost-Effective Biobased, Biodegradable Plastics

August 11, 2016 | Plastics Today

While biodegradable plastics derived from renewable sources are nothing new, affordable degradable bioplastics that can equal the performance of petroleum plastics, are far and few between. Now, all that seems set to change.

Revolutionary Computer Program Could Change Chemistry Forever

August 10, 2016 | RSC

"The internet is the only comparable network in existence," says Bartosz Grzybowski from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. He is talking about Chematica – a computer network mapping millions of molecules and reactions in the known chemical universe.

Yikes! I Just Increased My Platinum Footprint

August 8, 2016 | Sustainable Manufacturer Network

Who knew contact lenses could cause such angst? Mark Jones ponders his platinum footprint after purchasing a new type of cleaning system for his contact lenses.

Another Brick in the Molecule

August 5, 2016 | Rice University

Rice University chemical engineers explore market for pure levoglucosan.

Cornell Scientists Convert Carbon Dioxide, Create Electricity

August 4, 2016 | Cornell

While the human race will always leave its carbon footprint on the Earth, it must continue to find ways to lessen the impact of its fossil fuel consumption.

Wooden Surfboards to Mushroom Handplanes: The Surf Companies Tackling Ocean Waste

August 2, 2016 | The Guardian

Ocean waste is a serious problem for companies emotionally and physically connected to the sea, said the founder of outdoor clothing company Finisterre in a recent Guardian debate, but that connection also gives them a strong incentive to find solutions. Here we profile some of the companies doing just that.

Going Green with Biocatalysis

August 2, 2016 | PharmTech

Enzymatic catalysis offers pharma manufacturers a way to implement the Principles of Green Chemistry.

The Ultimate Beauty Luxury? Non-Toxic Color that Restores Your Pre-Gray Hair

July 31, 2016 | Forbes

When I arrived at Hairprint headquarters in Sausalito a year ago, I was greeted by author and environmentalist Paul Hawken, and Philippa Shenandoah, a hair stylist I’d worked with on photo shoots. Hawken stared at my head: your hair is colored? “Yes, highlighted,” I said. “Is it a problem?”

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