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Green Chemistry at the 248th ACS National Meeting and Expo

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The ACS GCI team will be traveling to San Francisco this August to attend the ACS National Meeting. If you are coming, please visit us at booth #825 in the Expo and share your green chemistry story for a chance to win prizes!

There will be a lot of sustainable and green chemistry programing related to the conference theme, “Chemistry & Global Stewardship”. Highlights include:

  • Joan Brennecke from the University of Notre Dame will be giving the distinguished Kavli Lecture on “How Ionic Liquids Can Contribute to Global Stewardship” on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.
  • The Plenary Session on Sunday from 3-6 p.m. includes a number of interesting speakers and topics: Heinz Leuenberger (U.N. Industrial Development Organization) on “Requirements for a Globally Sustainable Chemicals Industry”, Paul Anastas (Yale) speaking about “Molecular Design for Sustainability”, Walter Leitner (RWTH Aachen University) on “Catalysis as a Key Science and Technology for Sustainable Chemistry Supply Chains”; and Pedro Alvarez (Rice) on “Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Disinfection and Microbial Control”.
  • The Division of Environmental Chemistry (ENVR) will be celebrating their 100th anniversary with symposium on the impact of environmental chemistry over the years.
  • The Division of Chemistry Education (CHED), in partnership with others, will be holding a “Sustain-Mix” series with speakers from each chemistry division sharing how sustainability can be furthered in their area. Sessions include:

Other notable green chemistry symposia and presentations include:

  • Chemistry and Global Stewardship. This symposium from the CHED has several green chemistry talks of interest to the educator community—one of which is a progress report on a roadmap for green chemistry education presented by ACS GCI’s David Constable and Jennifer MacKellar. Other speakers include Michael Cann, Amy Cannon, John Warner, and David Laviska.
  • High School Program. This symposium, also from CHED, covers several green chemistry topics relevant to high school teachers.
  • Green Chemistry and the Environment. This ENVR session covers a wide variety of green chemistry topics.
  • The undergraduate program includes an “Eminent Scientist Luncheon and Lecture” with Professor Martin Mulvihill (UC Berkeley). ACS GCI is a cosponsor.
  • Green Metrics: From small molecules to biologics. Sa Ho (Pfizer) will discuss green chemistry efforts in biopharmaceuticals made by members of the BioPharm focus group of the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable. The talk includes how Process Mass Intensity (PMI) metrics can be applied to biologics manufacturing.
  • Market Drivers and Policy Tools to Spur Innovations in Green Chemistry. Kate Weber (ACS) will present an overview of factors affecting greener innovation based on the outcome of a session at the recent ACS GCI Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference. If you missed this in June, now is your chance!
  • Green Chemistry Is Safe Chemistry. David Finster (Wittenberg) will explore the connections between green chemistry and Inherently Safer Design (ISD) technology for chemical safety professionals.

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