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Huang, Luterbacher, and Mauter: Winners of the 2021 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Lectureship Awards

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ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering and the ACS Green Chemistry Institute are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Lectureship Awards. These awards recognize the research contributions of scientists working in green chemistry, green engineering, and sustainability in the chemical enterprise who started their initial academic appointment within the past 10 years or received their terminal degree/completed last professional training within the last 10 years. Lectureship award winners are selected from three regions: The Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

The winners of the 2021 ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Lectureship Awards are as follows:

  • Asia/Pacific: Professor Jun Huang of The University of Sydney (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), honored for the development of sustainable catalytic technologies for refining and biorefining and wastes/CO2 conversion to fuels and chemicals.1-3
  • Europe/Middle East/Africa: Professor Jeremy Luterbacher of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland), honored for the development of tailored catalysts to upgrade lignin and the application of unique functionalization chemistry during biomass depolymerization.4-6
  • The Americas: Professor Meagan Mauter of Stanford University (Stanford, California, USA), honored for her innovative work advancing systems, processes and materials for energy-efficient water desalination and fit-for-purpose reuse.7-9

The winners will be recognized at a joint plenary session of the 25th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in their honor (held virtually June 14-18, 2021 We thank the community of scientists devoted to sustainable chemistry and engineering for the response to our call for lectureship award nominations. Details of the next award cycle will be available in Summer 2021 or by sending inquiries to


David T. Allen, Editor-in-Chief

Views expressed in this editorial are those of the author and not necessarily the views of the ACS.



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