Industrial Applications of Green Chemistry & Engineering Principles

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This Monday afternoon session will highlight industry innovations based on green chemistry and engineering principles, focusing on the development and design process. Case studies will be presented to illustrate how companies in different sectors have successfully implemented green chemistry and engineering principles into their processes. These examples will describe the design and development process, the challenges faced, and how these barriers were overcome. Additionally, this session will discuss the important collaborations along the value chain and with the academic community.

From the session, attendees should be able to understand at a high level how industry develops products and processes, and the many factors that contribute to the launch and commercialization of new greener technologies.  Presenters will be from industry and academia in order to share the valuable insights of a diverse group on the challenges and opportunities in bringing sustainable chemistries and processes to market.

Symposium organizer:

Ettigounder (Samy) Ponnusamy, Ph.D.

Fellow & Global Manager, Green Chemistry


Presentations include:

  • Finding nature-inspired alternatives to PFASs in durable water repellency (DWR): an academic/industry approach. T. McKeag
  • "Greener solutions" and "PFCs of environmental concern". B.J. Henry
  • Development of an eco-friendly biotransformation protocol for valorization of food industry waste for commercial application in consumer products. N. Mexia, M. Benohoud, C.M. Rayner, R.S. Blackburn
  • Sustainable dyeing of cotton: Graft-polymerization of AOETMAC to achieve ultra-deep black shades without salt or alkali. M. Abed, S. Salim, S. Mandal, A. El Shafei
  • Assessment of modernized chromatographic methods for a greener tomorrow from a global perspective. M.B. Hicks, L. Lehmann, W.P. Farrell, C.M. Aurigemma, J. Xu, R. Dermenjian
  • Green chemistry innovation in chemiluminescent conjugate manufacturing processes. J. Grote
  • Green chemistry impacts on environmental media. S.D. Gaona, A. Lew
  • Sustainability at an enterprise level: Focusing greening of the value chain. H. Plugge
  • Single-step co-synthesis of methanol, dimethyl ether and dimethyl carbonate from biomass-derived syngas. P. Sripada, A. Parihar, S. Bhattacharya
  • Cl2-free production of ethylene dichloride and propylene oxide. J. Hauck, M. Leclerc
  • Recycling metal swarf by extraction of cutting oils with supercritical CO2. R. Schlake, A. Kaziunas