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Industrial Green Chemistry World (IGCW)

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By Ms. Krishna Dave, Newreka

IGCW is an industrial initiative for bringing together the chemical industry to collectively expand its awareness on environmentally benign manufacturing practices and technologies. IGCW, as a context, is to go beyond the theoretical understanding of 'green' chemistry & engineering, and an attempt to bring forth technical know-how of green chemistry applications from the corridors of laboratories to the cauldrons of Industry. It is a platform to familiarize green chemistry not as a different genre, but as an integral way of doing chemical processes.

The focus of IGCW is to recognize emerging global trends in the direction of prioritizing sustainability and environmental safety with a commitment towards triple bottom-line benefits of Profit, Society and Sustainable planet.

IGCW’s as an Industrial ecosystem

Since its inception in 2009, the IGCW serves as an exclusive industrial platform, particularly for the chemistry-intensive sectors to explore global trends, technologies and collaborations for resolving their manufacturing relevant environmental challenges with a profit-centric approach and to pro-actively engage in exploring the implementation of green chemistry & engineering practices through and integrated and collaborative approach.

The Green ChemisTree Foundation (GCF), in association with various other industry and non-industry partners come together to organize the IGCW convention every alternate year.

IGCW Conventions with its diverse participation from Industry, Technocrats, Funding agencies, Academia, Research Institutes, Industrial Associations, Environmental agencies, Government bodies, Students, Media, Publications, etc, has been aptly evolving as an ecosystem for the Chemical community world-wide to participate with the context of going ‘beyond-business’ for serving a single focus on Industrial Sustainability.

3rd IGCW-2013

This December 2013, the GCF along with the other committed partners and supporters will be hosting the 3rd IGCW-2013 Convention & Ecosystem, with additional dimensions to incorporate the increasing need of awareness on specific technologies and its applications from the sustainability viewpoint.

The key Industrial sectors impacted though the IGCW-2013 Convention are:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agro-chemicals
  • Dyes & pigments
  • Fine & specialty chemicals

IGCW-2013’s objective is to encourage and enable the implementation of green chemistry and engineering based technologies in the chemical industry by connecting them to pragmatic solutions and solution providers so that the industry can address some of its immediate and priority environmental challenges

IGCW-2013 as a Platform

IGCW-2013, as a platform will facilitate various opportunities for both-the green chemistry based solution seekers (i.e. the industry audience) as well as the green chemistry based solution providers (i.e. the technology leader companies, start-up and technocrats, academia, research institutes and government bodies), by providing a tangible platform to get them connected for collaborative partnerships.

Day 1 of IGCW-2013 Convention is for Chairman, Board of Directors, Founders, Presidents, CEOs and other senior decision makers.

Day 2 is for the R&D and Technology Personnel such as Presidents & VPs, CTOs, CSOs, R&D Managers, Inventors, Innovators, Consultants, Technocrats

Day 3 is for the Operations and Production Personnel-Directors, Presidents, VPs. Plant Managers, EHS Managers

IGCW-2013 will facilitate the following 9-dimensions over the 3 days:

  • IGCW Symposium
  • IGCW Awards
  • IGCW 180oSeminars
  • IGCW Workshops
  • IGCW Conferences
  • IGCW for Students
  • IGCW for Teachers
  • IGCW for Pollution Control Board officers

IGCW-2013 Date & Venue

6th, 7th & 8th December 2013

Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Lakeside Chalet, Near Chinmayanand Ashram, Powai, Mumbai

All the above 9 features will be concurrently held during the IGCW-2013 Convention, for further information contact Ms. Krishna Dave at