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Making Chemistry Greener & Safer

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Organizers: Peter A. Reinhardt, Director, Office of Environmental Health & Safety, Yale University; Ralph Stuart, CIH, CCHO, Environmental Safety Manager, Keene State College


There are many commonalities and shared principles between the fields of chemical safety and green chemistry. A thorough understanding of both will benefit practitioners in both communities, correct misconceptions and ensure that green chemistry innovations do not overlook chemical safety considerations in the laboratory. That is why the American Chemical Society’s Committee on Chemical Safety’s symposium at the 2019 GC&E Conference will focus on and discuss the connections between chemical safety and Green Chemistry within the chemical enterprise.


This session will address a variety of elements within the systems that support environmental health and safety, in both the laboratory and in the larger economy at whole. Attendees can expect to learn how emerging greener and safer approaches to chemical education and research interact to form a system that can have more sustainable environmental impacts. Attendees will also learn about innovative work in both academic and industrial chemistry that takes a systems approach to educating chemists and identifying innovative chemistries which serve multiple environmental stakeholders.


The keynote speaker of the symposium is Dr. Kristen M. Kulinowski of the U.S. Chemical Safety Board will also present and discuss real-world case studies where a major incident resulted in changes to chemical processes that made them both safer and greener.


We hope you will join us for “Making Chemistry Greener & Safer” and look forward to hearing your thoughts!


This session will take place at the 23rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference/9th International Conference on Green & Sustainable Chemistry on Thursday, June 13 from 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM at the Lake Audubon, Hyatt Regency Reston, VA.