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New Green Chemistry Articles from TSK Publishing

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TKS, the Tekno Scienze editorial group, publishes a number of European-based peer-reviewed journals focusing on industrial applications, in line with TKS’s motto: “Science for Industry.” Every issue includes one or more monographic supplements entirely devoted to specific subjects including ‘Sustainability / Green Chemistry.’

Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today covers fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The latest issue of Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today focuses on sustainability, including three articles on green engineering and two articles on green chemistry.

Agro FOOD Industry hi Tech covers functional food and nutraceuticals. Recent articles include “Food and beverage industry focuses on water footprint and greater sustainability”, “Role of packaging in the smorgasbord of action for sustainable food consumption

H and PC Today (Household and Personal Care Today) covers cosmetics and detergency: Recent articles include, “Sustainability in the Industrial and Institutional Cleaning (I&I) world of today” and “P&G’s Holistic Approach to Sustainability Innovating and Impacting our Environment through Close Col...”.

In addition to publishing, TKS organizes conferences. On September 11-12 2013, TKS is organizing its fifth event on flow chemistry in Pisa, Italy, devoting an entire session to Sustainability. Presentations include Michael Gonzalez, EPA, "Design and Application of Flow” and Peter Poechlauer, DSM, “The Role of Process Intensification in Sustainable Manufacture of Fine Chemicals”.

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