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Polymers & Plastics in the Classroom: Educational Materials Demonstrating Life Cycle Thinking

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Organizers: Jane E. Wissinger, Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota; Michael Wentzel, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Augsburg University


Society as a whole is starting to recognize the alarming quantities of discarded plastic items piling up on land and in our oceans, and concern over their effect on the environment and human health is growing. Now more than ever it is important that students of all levels learn about the strategies and principles used to develop more environmentally friendly polymers and materials.


That is why our session at the 2019 GC&E Conference will focus on educating future generations of scientists in all sectors of the chemical enterprise in green and sustainable chemistry principles so that they have the skills to “close the loop” and help boost sustainability worldwide.


Attendees of this session can expect to learn and hear about current educational and outreach materials that aim to inspire new polymer models designed from renewable materials that can be used in the closed loop recycling process. The session will begin with invited speaker, Prof. Ingo Eilks of the University of Breman in Germany, who will discuss the development of a new high school chemistry course based on green chemistry and polymers. Following Eilks, a variety of different professional and academic experts will present materials on topics ranging from polymeric semiconductors to biomass feedstocks to the implementations of organogels in classrooms from the high school level to upper division college level.


We hope to see you at the Conference.


This session will take place on Tuesday, June 11 from 3:15 PM to 5:35 PM at the Lake Anne, Hyatt Regency Reston, VA.