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Recap of the 5th Asia-Oceania Conference

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Contributed by Professor R. K. Sharma, University of Delhi, Honorary Secretary, Royal Society of Chemistry (London), North India Section Coordinator, Green Chemistry Network Centre

The 5th Asia-Oceania Conference, jointly organized by the Royal Society of Chemistry, London; North India Section, Green Chemistry Network Centre, New Delhi; and The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi, formally began on 15th January in a spectacular manner at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.


This international event was fifth in a series of successful meetings on Green and Sustainable Chemistry. Since the onset of AOC-1 in Tokyo (2007), there has been a tradition of associating a broad theme to the entire conference each year namely-“Expansion” in Beijing AOC-2 (2009), “Innovations” in Melbourne AOC-3 (2011), “Opportunities” in Taiwan AOC-4 (2013). Continuing this custom, the theme for this year was decided as “Capabilities” with the motive to unveil the potentials of twelve green chemistry principles and to demonstrate the capabilities of green chemistry for a sustainable future.

The conference was focused to showcase the capabilities ‘Green and Sustainable Chemistry’ can offer to the world for harnessing the same product and services but through a greener route. It was categorized under four themes including: Green Chemistry and Health, Sustainability and Industrial Processes, Green Chemistry Education, and Advancing Global Green Chemistry: Collaborations among academia, government and industry.

Over 300 participants attended this three days conference which included an inaugural lecture by Prof. James Clark, a special session addressed by World Leaders of Green Chemistry, four Plenary Lectures, 12 Keynote Lectures, an opinion exchange between students, cultural program, 44 oral and 72 poster presentations. Academicians, experts from industries, research scholars, graduate and postdoctoral students from twelve countries across the globe participated and represented the different themes of green and sustainable chemistry. Persons from the media were also present to cover the entire event.

6.jpgThe special video conferencing session on the very first day, addressed by the world leaders of green chemistry, i.e. Prof. Paul T. Anastas, Director,Yale University’s Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, USA; Dr. John C. Warner, President and Chief Technology Officer, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, USA; Prof. James Clark, Director, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York, UK; and Dr. David Constable, Director, American Chemical Society, Green Chemistry Institute (ACS GCI), USA, marked an exhilarating start to the conference.

Group Discussion and opinion exchange between students of JACI (Japan Association for Chemical Innovation) and University of Delhi took place during lunch on the 16th of January. The facilitators did an excellent job of engaging the students and making green chemistry and engineering relevant to their studies.

On day two and three, during the poster presentation session, the entire zone was packed with delegates eager to hear how young minds have utilized green and sustainable chemistry for the futuristic development. The much informative conference erupted into a spectacle of colour on day two with the Cultural Evening including music and performances, and the place was alive with sound, colour and excitement.

12.jpgThe highly motivating three-day event was filled with great amount of combined knowledge and experience culminated in generating several productive inputs for the future growth of green chemistry. With great pride the delegates came on to the stage to receive their momentos to a roaring round of applause and the experts declared the name of winners for "Young Scientist", oral presentation and poster presentation awards. To conclude the event, Prof. R. K. Sharma and Dr. Alok Adholeya, as conference chairs, presented the overview of the amazing conference and gave the highlights for the next conference (AOC-6 GSC) going to be held in Hong-Kong.

Attached are more pictures from the conference.

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