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Sigma-Aldrich® Global Green Chemistry Initiative

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Next Phase Kicked-off with Special Issue of Aldrichimica Acta

Company's top-ranked* chemical review journal to feature commentary from thought leaders in green chemistry

Sigma-Aldrich Corporation (Nasdaq: SIAL), a leading life science and high technology company, today launched the next phase of its global green chemistry initiative. The program, which aims to reduce the chemical-related impact on human health and the environment, kicks off with the first-ever "green" issue of the Company's chemical review journal Aldrichimica Acta. Professor Bruce H. Lipshutz, Guest Editor, commented, "This thematic issue of the Acta offers the chemistry community a unique opportunity to gauge the progress, and glimpse into the future direction, of a broad research effort aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability in the practice of chemistry, and at inventing ways to mitigate the adverse impact of experimental chemistry on the environment." This special issue contains the latest thinking from 15 of the world's foremost experts on green chemistry. The launch of this issue is accompanied by an exciting update of the Company's green website,, which acts as a core information hub, providing a rich source of shareable content on all aspects of green chemistry.

"In curating this latest issue of Aldrichimica Acta, we have combined commentary from the 'fathers' of green chemistry, as well as published articles and cutting-edge research to foster stimulating exchanges, which will inspire further quests in the field," said Dr. Sharbil Firsan, Senior Specialist and Editor of the Aldrichimica Acta. "In our 48-year history, this is one of our most important issues to-date, gathering scientific understanding from the thought leaders who are truly pushing the field forward, with insights that can't be found anywhere else." The continued push toward green chemistry, part of Sigma-Aldrich's more than 10-year commitment to corporate citizenship and sustainability, aligns with a number of the Company's efforts to change the face of science.

In this special issue, readers can find a sampling of the latest news in green chemistry, including trends, academic research and more:

  • The industry's global progress in green chemistry and an academic look at its future direction at companies like Genentech, Amgen and Novartis,
  • Articles written by renowned chemists John C. Warner and Paul T. Anastas, who together developed the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry in 1991,
  • Green chemistry insights into:  fluorous chemistry; organic synthesis, as well as biocatalysis and biomass conversion, in ionic liquids; and Catalytic C-C Bond Formation and the Hendricksonian Ideal, and
  • The official introduction of  Sigma-Aldrich's "Greener Alternatives Platform," which includes DOZN— an industry first quantitative green chemistry calculator that is based on the 12 principals of green chemistry developed by Anastas and Warner.

"Global Citizenship is in our DNA. For decades, we've operated with the goal of improving the quality of life through science," said Dr. Scott Batcheller, Manager of Chemistry, R&D and Product Management. "Our work in green chemistry is the next iteration of that commitment.  We are enabling our scientists and customers to make discoveries that will move science forward while reducing the impact on the environment."

Sigma-Aldrich has developed a portfolio of products that offer greener alternatives to many chemicals traditionally used in today's research labs.  The green portfolio is the broadest offering currently available on the market and forms an important part of the full product listing of the Company, which is now in excess of 270,000 products. This growing product range of greener chemicals continues to increase the options for the scientific community to reduce the environmental impact of their research. This effort is aligned with the Company's newly designed website, which contains a number of valuable scientific resources, including a greener alternative product icon search that enables chemists to identify and consider greener options via the "Greener Alternatives and Technologies" product lists.

Sigma-Aldrich has previously been recognized for its global citizenship efforts on numerous occasions, this year alone being named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and a top 100 Most Sustainable Corporation by the Global 100 Index, as well as receiving prestigious honors for the third consecutive year by The Civic 50 for leadership in social responsibility work in the Materials sector. The Company, which has more than 9,300 employees working in 37 countries, generated $2.79 billion in revenue in 2014, and for many years has invested in Global Citizenship, including green chemistry, as a corporate-wide sustainability initiative. In the period of 2009-2014, Sigma-Aldrich has:

  • Reduced waste by identifying increased beneficial reuse opportunities, resulting in a 16 percent intensity reduction in waste generation,
  • Saved more than two million cubic meters of water by upgrading systems and enhancing manufacturing practices,
  • Achieved a second consecutive year of absolute electricity reduction though energy efficiency investments, and
  • Decreased transportation emissions by shipping more freight by sea, reducing its carbon footprint by almost 2,000 metric tonnes. To learn more about Green Chemistry at Sigma-Aldrich, visit To receive your complimentary subscription to the Acta, or to access back issues, please visit

*Top-ranked: Journal Citation Reports, Science Edition (Thomson Reuters Canada, Ltd.). Sigma-Aldrich is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC, registered in the US and other countries.

About Sigma-Aldrich: Sigma-Aldrich, a leading Life Science and Technology company focused on enhancing human health and safety, manufactures and distributes 250,000 chemicals, biochemicals and other essential products to more than 1.4 million customers globally in research and applied labs as well as in industrial and commercial markets. With three distinct business units - Research, Applied and SAFC Commercial - Sigma-Aldrich is committed to enabling science to improve the quality of life. The Company operates in 37 countries, has approximately 9,300 employees worldwide and had sales of $2.79 billion in 2014. For more information about Sigma-Aldrich, please visit its website at

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