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Sustainable and Green Chemistry at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia

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Are you planning to attend the ACS National Meetings in Philadelphia this March? Don't miss these sustainable and green chemistry and engineering events!

Fun and Giveaways at the ACS GCI Booth in the Expo!

First, drop by the Expo and visit the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (within the main ACS booth) to go deeper with green chemistry--whether you are a professor, student, or industry researcher. Plus, participate in engaging activities, get giveaways and don't forget to pick up green chemistry gear at the ACS Store! Additionally, the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable will be presenting in the ACS Theatre (Booth 707) on Tuesday, March 24 from 1 - 2 p.m.

Exhibit Hours

Sunday, March 22, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Monday, March 23, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tuesday, March 24, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Booth 707, Exhibit Hall B/C, PA Convention Center

Practical Green Chemistry Tools and Techniques for Research and Development Scientists
This workshop will equip practicing chemists and engineers, as well as graduate students, with practical tools, methods and metrics. The content of the workshop will start with green chemistry basics and then focus on the most recent innovative tools and metrics that are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The workshop will be tailored toward scientists working in the pharmaceutical industry, but the tools could be applied to other chemical industries as well. This workshop requires preregistration. Please email

Tuesday, March 24, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
William Penn, Hampton Inn Center City Philadelphia

Green Chemistry Student Chapters: Success Stories
The Green Chemistry Award has quickly become one of the most sought after accolades for student chapters. To be eligible for green chemistry status, chapters must engage in at least three green chemistry activities per year, ranging from community outreach activities to hosting invited speakers. This symposium will provide a platform for student chapters who have been awarded green chemistry status to share their unique strategies and stories. Through peer-to-peer student conversations, more student chapters may be inspired and empowered to achieve green chemistry status.

Monday, March 23, 8:30 am
Terrace Ballroom II & III – Theater 4, PA Convention Center

Green Chemistry & Engineering: Designing & Discovering Innovative Solutions to Achieve a Sustainable...
This full-day symposium will feature speakers who are active in developing novel, green and sustainable chemistries and technologies, including research that has been financially supported by the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable. Research topics presented, such as biocatalysis, non-precious-metal catalysis, C-H activation, and flow chemistry, align with the Roundtable's vision of a sustainable pharmaceutical industry. Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, the ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable's activities are driven by the shared belief that green chemistry and engineering is imperative for society, business, and environmental sustainability.

Wednesday, March 25, 8 a.m. & 1 p.m.
Michael A Nutter Theatre, PA Convention Center

There are many more great sustainable and green chemistry symposia at the ACS National Meeting. Check out this selection, and browse the online program for others!

ACS-CEI Award for Incorporation of Sustainability into Chemistry Education (CHED)

Green Polymer Chemistry: New Products, Processes & Applications (POLY)
Advancing Green & Sustainable Chemistry Education: Small Molecules to Macromolecules (CHED)

Fundamentals of Chemistry Outreach Education: From Program Design to Assessment (CHED)

Critical Materials: Recycling, Recovery & Alternatives (I&EC)

Green Chemistry & the Environment (ENVR)

Renewable Plastics: Conversion of Waste Plastic to Fuels & Chemicals (ENFL)

Sustainability & Relevance in Chemistry Education: Theory & Practice (CHED)

Advances in Renewable Materials (CELL)

Sustainability in Bioprocessing (BIOT)

Re-envisioning Chemistry’s Role in Environmental Sustainability: Perspectives on Progress & Future D...

Road to Packaging Sustainability (POLY)

State of the Art: Connecting Systems Thinking & Green & Sustainable Chemistry through the UN Sustain...

See you in Philly!