The ACS GCI Biochemical Technology Leadership Roundtable is presenting a symposium at the ABLC, next week in DC

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The Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on Development & Deployment (ABLC) is next week, February 28-March 2, 2018 in Washington, DC. The ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s Biochemical Technology Leadership Roundtable launched at this event in 2016, and this year they are back to present a two-part symposium on new high performance chemical intermediates and new pathways to current platform chemicals.

The first part of the symposium will be on the topic of “New High-Performance Chemical Intermediates”. This symposium will highlight the opportunities and challenges of commercializing new platform chemicals.  Renewable feedstocks can be a rich source of novel molecules that can serve as alternative building blocks in the synthesis of intermediates currently relying on petrochemical supply chains.  Individual speakers and a panel discussion will address the potential benefits of such molecules as well as the technical, economic, and market challenges along the way to commercialization.  Featured speakers are Peter Kneeling, CBIRC; Darcy Prather, Kalion; Kim Raiford, Origin Materials; Stephen Croskrey, Danimer; and  David Constable, ACS GCI.

The second part of the symposium will be about “New Pathways to Current Platform Chemicals”. In this symposium, the production of current, high-volume platform chemicals from alternative, low-carbon feedstocks will be discussed. New conversion technologies have opened up a variety of waste resources for making chemical intermediates currently derived from petroleum. Such “drop-in” molecules have the potential to displace fossil resources in chemical manufacturing without impacting current production routes. The speakers will provide examples of new pathways, discussing both the benefits and the challenges of bringing such products to market. Featured speakers are Bryan Tracy, White Dog Labs; Laurel Harmon, LanzaTech; Terry Papoutsakis, University of Delaware; Greg Smith, Croda; and Barbara Bramble, NWF (panel moderator).

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