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Game Changing Green Technology for Textile/Apparel Industries OXI FRESH- No Wash,Save the Water

With the worldwide water shortage becoming a larger and more pressing, costly problem on a daily basis, the time has come to conserve and preserve that life sustaining resource. Quick-Med Technologies,Inc. Has developed and commercialized Oxi Fresh a new game changing,green, FDA/EPA approved antimicrobial,preservative, a No Wash product for the textile,apparel and footwear industries.This product will save millions of gallons of water used in a laundered product for home use and or commercial applications. The time is right, the technology is commercial and is regulatory approved and it is very cost effective,ease of manufacture and highly effective to 99.999%> killing medical grade bacteria's including MRSA, virus,fungi and mold. This product not only saves the valuable water, it saves consumers and companies the costs of water, costs of electricity,detergents and the time and labor of doing laundry. The average washing machine uses approximately 33>gallons of water per wash! This product is sustainable and a Win/Win for the environment, the consumers,the companies and generations to come!  Save The Water!

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