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Requesting feedback - Greener Laundry Products

Hi All,

My nonprofit organization - Green Seal - develops science-based environmental leadership standards.

I've been managing the revision of our laundry care standards (household product, and institutional and industrial).

Here is a link to the relevant documents and registration- especially the Rationale (attached) - which outlines all of our proposed changes for this standard revision.

An example of an updates: We're proposing to redefine "Cold Water Wash" - as a performance requirement - from 80 degrees F to 68 degrees F.

We greatly value from feedback from green chemists, product performance evaluators, and product designers. Our goal is to reflect the current environmental leadership on today's market --- to outline greener products that perform.

Please consider registering to add your comments on our proposed revisions. We appreciate neutral, positive, and critical feedback - all is useful to gauge the accuracy and relevance of our standards.

Our comment period closes next Monday. Thanks in advance for any comments you are able to submit!

- Brie Welzer, Environmental Scientist, Green Seal -

PS: My apologies to any individuals on this forum who responded to my previous post about the laundry care webinar. There was a technical issue with my forum account, and I never received those comments. I now have a new account~!

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