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How do you or do you want to use the ACS Network?

How do you or do you want to use the ACS Network?

We think we know how you are using the Network, but I would love to hear more about how you are using it or would like to use the Network.

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I would like to post my publications, but it often takes 20 seconds for a page to load. When I post a new publication, it appears at the bottom of my publication list.  The order of appeareance can only be shifted

one spot up or down at a time, so if I only have 10 publications listed, it will take 2 minutes of repetitive clicking and waiting to move the new publication to the top.

Better support for Greek and other symbols would help.

Dear Mrs. Schmidt,

     Very welcome your inquiry!  It is just what I wanted to be asked why I keep contributing to the ACS network!

This is a lone amateur physicist.

I have been looking for academic market where I can meet poeple who have common interest with me.

I have been looking for  physical penpals, or chemical penpals(Emailpals or internetpals?)  This is the very reason why I started internet and participated in this ACS network.

Your inquiry hit the target!


Mitsuru Yamada

November 14, 2011

Thanks, Theodore, for your comments. These are very useful.

We are in the midst of an upgrade and we hope to again to improve site performance so that it does not take as much time to load the pages. 

We do recognize that we need to make the uploading of publications easier and will be looking at that in 2012. We can look at changing the way publications are ordered. I would like to hear if other users find this to be a pain point.

Finally, I think the online editor can handle greeks and symbols to some degree. I was researching this and will try to post something on this in this or the forum.

Again, we appreciate your taking time to give us feedback.