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Login Issue - What to do if the ACS Network doesn't recognize you

Login Issue - What to do if the ACS Network doesn't recognize you

On occasion, a user will be able to login on or on the ACS Network (, but the ACS Network does not  recognize them.  In this case, they will see this on

but will see this on  the ACS Network:


Sometimes you need to click on Login to tell the system to go check for an active session. If you do this, and it still comes back as guest, not to worry. This problem when the ACS Network thinks you opted out. You could be opted out or you could be opted in on the main ACS database. We sometimes see this when our databases get out of sync (which happens with multiple databases talking to each other over virtual space). To opt-in or resync your Network Account, do the following:

  1. Go to and login. (Do not go to the ACS Network yet.)
  2. Open My Account - don not click on the link to the ACS Network in this dropdown.
  3. In the My Account application, go to ACS Communities tab (in the left navigation).
  4. If you are not opted into the Network, you should  be able to select the first radio button.  If you already are opted in, please skip to Resetting your opt-in status (below).

  5. You can then select one of the links "Access ACS Network" or "View My ACS Network Profile". You may need to hit the login button again to force the Network to check for an active session.  Your logged in session should look like this:


Resetting your opt-in status

If when you click on the user pulldown on, you see "Access the Network" but the ACS Network doesn't recognize you, there is a database mismatch.


The easiest way to reset the optin status between the two systems is to force it to resend the data.

  • In My Account >ACS Communities tab, opt out of the Network by checking "do not want" in the the box under "ACS ID Information" and Save.  Wait a few seconds
  • Opt-in again by selecting the first radio button next to "want" and save. You should then be able to go to the ACS Network. You may need to hit the login button when you get there, but after that you should be logged in.

If this does not work, you may contact for further help with your ACS account.

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Hi Christine,

So far one member tried your suggestion of resynching networks with her ACS account and it did not work. Any other suggestions to fix the problem?


Hi Diane,

Sometimes the problem is account related. There are some rules (such as a unique email address) that sometimes prevent accounts from being created on the Network. 

Feel free to contact me directly and I can look up that specific member.