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Remember Me? Well, maybe not always... YET.

Remember Me? Well, maybe not always... YET.

As many of you may have seen, we have a little checkbox on the login page which says "Remember Me'. All of us, myself included, expect that the system will keep me logged in.  For the most part, the system remembers who I am from day to day.  But there are times when I seem to get logged out.

So here is what we think is happening in very basic terms:

  • If you close your browser, the system will remember who you are from day-to-day if you have checked "Remember Me".
  • If you leave your browser open during the day while you are working, you will eventually be logged out, regardless of whether you selected "Remember Me".

We have discovered there is a setting that tells the system to log you out if you are inactive for a time period. We will try extending that time period so that the other system which contains the "Remember Me" instructions will work.

We ask that you be patient and know that we're getting much closer to figuring out how to make this work properly.  


Just to update this, Remember Me was fixed approximately a month ago.  It works great and allows you to go the Network and be logged in for a couple weeks at a time.