membership not registered properly

membership not registered properly

Dear ACS help desk,

When I view my own profile and click on 'View more details', the pop-up window claims 'ACS MEMBERSHIP false', despite the fact that I have been an ACS member for a couple of weeks now. Also, I cannot upload any information about my employment history, education and publications. My membership number is 30330360. Thank you for your help,

Harro Dittmar


Hello, Harro,

You should be able to upload information about your experience, education,and publications.

I checked our system, and I believe you have two ACS IDs. One is associated with your membership and the one you have used here is not.

You may want to contact ACS service ( or 1-800-333-9511 (US and Canada), 614-447-3776 (outside North America) to get more information about your accounts.


Thank you Christine,

You are right, that seems to be the problem. I contacted the ACS service and they will help me merge the two accounts.


I’m glad we could get this resolved for you.