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@-mentioning names shows usernames, not people names

@-mentioning names shows usernames, not people names

Hi ACS Network,

I noticed on a document I created last year that the names I plugged in by @-mentioning now present themselves as usernames, not people names. Whereas I used to be "Josh Kurutz" there, I'm now jkurutz.

I noticed this in my own Jive community after we did a point upgrade, and we found this information:

The system property which controls this is skin.default.hideFullNamesInMentions. When this is set to false the full names appear.

I suspect this was not an administrative decision, but a side-affect of the recent upgrade. I think the community would prefer to have names displayed as Firstname Lastname. Could you please fix it?


- Josh

P.S. Thanks SO much for extending the automatic logoff duration! It's much easier to use the Network now that we don't have to log in so often.


Josh Kurutz

I'll change the property, b@cause yes, we would like to see names and not usernames.

Thanks for the tip. You know how well documented all this is... .


Chrisbb, I think this was working for a bit, then it reverted. (@-mentioning you shows up as "Chrisbb".) Can you please check, or was there a decision to keep it this way?

Thanks. - Josh

nope no decision. I think it was inadvertently removed.

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