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Research Associate, Center for Drug Design, Univ of Minnesota

Research Associate, Center for Drug Design, Univ of Minnesota

The Center for Drug Design (CDD) at University of Minnesota is dedicated to designing and developing new medicines to benefit people worldwide. The CDD is supported by royalty income through a drug company licensing agreement. We are currently looking for an individual responsible for maintaining a PK core facility within the CDD to support multiple drug discovery projects focused on therapeutic areas ranging from cancer to infectious diseases.

‒ Develop and perform in vitro DMPK and ADME assays including microsomal stability, plasma protein binding, plasma stability, permeability, aqueous solubility, metabolite profiling and structure elucidation
‒ Prepare samples and develop LC-MS/MS bio-analytical methods to identify and characterize parent drugs and metabolites in complex biological matrices.
‒ Maintain LC-MS/MS and other laboratory equipment
‒ Plan and execute all aspects of in vivo PK studies to determine fundamental PK parameters including dosing of animals, drug quantitation, and data analysis
‒ Write IACUC protocols and implement and maintain safety standards and internal animal welfare guidelines
‒ Conduct careful experimentation in compliance with established regulatory guidelines and requirements.
‒ Maintain good research records and produce well written and accurate technical summaries and reports.
‒ Carry out literature searches relevant to the research topic and identify problems related to the research and recommend solutions as they arise.
‒ Participate in research discussions with members of the research teams in a highly collaborative research environment.
‒ Contribute to manuscripts and external grant applications and supervise lab technicians.

All applicants must have a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences, analytical chemistry or related discipline with extensive experience in the theory and application of PK and PK/PD data modeling, and broad working knowledge of in vitro ADME assays. Candidates should also be highly experienced in analysis of small molecules by LC-MS, and use of WinNonlin software for PK data analysis. Experience with IACUC policies and procedures and ability to work with animals is desired. Candidates must be able to work within an interdisciplinary team and have excellent written and oral communication skills.

How to Apply
The position is available immediately. Interested candidates please email a cover letter and CV with names of three referees in PDF format to

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Re: Research Associate, Center for Drug Design, Univ of Minnesota


The fidelity to designing new drugs for the betterment of humanity is truly estimable.

To the Research Associate looking to join this amazing platoon, you are in for an exhilarating trip! It's apparent that the part demands a different set of chops, from in vitro DMPK and ADME assays to in vivo PK studies – it's like being a scientific wizard! I've had my fair share of exploits in the world of pharmaceutical disquisition, and let me tell you, it's a thrilling roller- coaster lift of discoveries and challenges. I indeed had a chance to share in the creation of Andersen's Revolution Healthcare Tool: Top Solution To Find Medical Cannabis. It was a truly indelible experience and I thank Andersen for this occasion.

Speaking of results, my advice would be to keep nurturing that cooperative spirit. In such an interdisciplinary field, swapping ideas and perceptivity is vital. Do not vacillate to partake your unique perspective during exploration conversations; you noway know when a groundbreaking idea might sow.

Also, make sure to maintain those exploration records diligently and draft well- written reports. Communication is crucial in wisdom, and it will help circulate your findings and contribute to the community's knowledge.

Good luck to the prospective exploration Associate, and to everyone differently, keep pursuing your heartstrings and making a positive impact on the world!

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