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LGBTQ+ at 2017 Spring National ACS Meeting (San Francisco)

Hello fellow travelers!  As the Spring 2017 National Meeting approaches, you might be interested in what's going on with the LGBTQ+ Chemists and Allies.  The PROF GTCA has organized an exciting day-long symposium highlighting research by LGBTQ+ graduate student and post-docs, followed by a panel discussion celebrating LGBTQ+ identities in chemistry.  Details for this symposium, as well as information about other events that might be of interest are shown below. For those interested in additional diversity and inclusion programming, have a look at the attached Diversity Programs Road Map.

Official PROF GTCA Subdivision programming:

  • Sunday April 2 9am-12pm, 1:40-5pm: LGBT Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Chemistry Research Symposium, Nikko Ballroom III, Hotel Nikko San Francisco, Cosponsored by: ANYL, BIOL, CHED, CMA, COLL, COMP, CWD, ENVR, INOR, MEDI, MPPG, ORGN, PHYS, PMSE, POLY, PRES and WCC; Financially supported by: Peter K. Dorhout (ACS President-Elect), Merck
  • Sunday April 2 Panel discussion. Celebrating LGBT identities in chemistry: Opportunities, challenges, and perspectives 4-5pm Nikko Ballroom III
  • Sunday April 2, General Poster Session, and Monday April 3, Sci-Mix Poster Session: Collaborations and outreach: A review of ACS presence at the 2017 Out to Innovate™ career summit for LGBTQ+ people in STEM

Other events and presentations that may interest folks interested in LGBTQ+ equity:

  • Sunday April 2, 5:00pm - 7:00pm: ACS Diversity Reception, Yosemite A&B - Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Yosemite A&B - Hilton San Francisco Union Square. (Note: this is NOT the LGBTQ+ Chemists and Allies Reception, which is only held at the Fall National ACS meetings)
  • CHED 233: Affects of gender and sexual orientation on belonging uncertainty in general chemistry, Nob Hill A - San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Monday April 3, 9:35am - 9:55am
  • CHED 2017: Diversity in communities when communicating science, Salons 3/4 - San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Wednesday April 5, 2:35pm - 2:55pm
  • PROF 52: Expanding the academic excellence model through gender diversity, Monterey I - Hotel Nikko San Francisco, Wednesday, April 5, 10:45am - 11:15am
  • PROF 53: Creating a mentoring culture to improve demographic diversity in academia, Monterey I - Hotel Nikko San Francisco, Wednesday April 5, 11:15am - 11:45am
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