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LGBTQ+ Chemists and Allies at Fall 2017 National ACS Meeting (Washington DC)

Here is what's going on for/about LGBTQ+ Chemists and Allies, as well as the diversity & inclusion community, at the Fall 2017 National ACS Meeting in Washington DC:

  • Sunday August 20, 5-7 pm: Diversity Reception, Sponsored by the ACS Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board, Marriott Marquis, Independence Salon A-C
  • Monday August 21, 8-11:25 am: PROF Symposium: Ten Years & Counting: PROF's Professional Subdivisions cosponsored by: CMA, CWD, ETHX, WCC and YCC, Marriott Marquis Washington, DC, Tulip
  • Tuesday August 22,  8:30 – 11:30am: PROF Symposium: Investing in the Future: Mentoring Underrepresented Students in Chemistry Featuring presentations on mentoring students of color, students with disabilities, and LGBTQ students, Marriott Marquis Washington, DC - Cherry Blossom
  • Tuesday August 22, 9:00 am - 11:30 am: ACS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board presents a Diversity Workshop: “Tools for Creating Equity in the  Chemical Work, Volunteer, and Education Spaces”, Marriott Marquis (University of DC)
  • Tuesday August 22, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm: ACS LGBTQ+ Presidential Reception, Altitude - W Hotel Washington DC, Cosponsored by: ACS President-Elect, BIOL, BMGT, CARB, CEI, CELL, CEPA, CINF, CMA, COLL, CPRC, CTA, DAC, GEOC, INOR, NOGLSTP, ORGN, PA&PR, PROF, SCC & YCC.  A very special thank you to our financial sponsors: ACS President-Elect Peter K. Dorhout, CARB, CEI, CONC, PA&PR, BIOL, CMA, CPRC & SCC

For those of you interested in the broader diversity movement within ACS, have a look at the Diversity Roadmap, embedded here:

ddp roadmap for public poster Washington DC.jpg

Download a PDF of this Roadmap from the ChemDiversity website

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