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Reaching OUT for PRIDE

Fellow chemists, I want to share with you two exciting opportunities to share your LGBTQ+ pride this summer!

First, visit​ , a new visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM and STEM-supporting jobs.  Get inspired by all the OUT and PROUD people in STEM!  And... contribute your own story to the website if you want to be part of the campaign.

Second, the First International LGBTSTEM Day will be on July 5, 2018. This is organized primarily by people in Europe, but has caught on here in the U.S.  In addition to a website with a series of short videos of individuals, there will be local events throughout the U.S. and Europe in celebration of LGBTQ+ people in STEM.  For more information, visit the PRIDEinSTEM website.

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