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Hello All,

I am conducting my dissertation study about the experiences of trans* faculty affiliated with a U.S. post-secondary institution (trans* is broadly and inclusively defined, I intentionally include faculty who identify as trans*, agender, transgender, transsexual, men and women of transsexual experience, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and/or any other identity that diverges from socially expected genders associated with one's assigned sex at birth). The study examines trans* identities and the academic employment experiences of participants.

This research is determined "exempt" by the Michigan State University IRB Application #i046337; x14-570e and the faculty mentor is Kristen A. Renn.

In order to be eligible to participate you must identify in some way as transgender or trans*, in the broadest and most inclusive sense of those terms, and have worked during the last six months, or currently work, in a faculty/lecturer/academic appointment (tenure track, non-tenure track, or adjunct).

Please click here to fill out the confidential demographics form.

I look forward to your participation in this research. If you have any questions please contact me at or Dr. Kris Renn at

In Struggle,

Erich N. Pitcher

Doctoral Candidate

Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education

Michigan State University