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Council meeting change re LSAC?


Please let me know your thoughts on a potential move of Council from Wednesday to Tuesday, both in relation to your own concerns and how you feel it would affect LSAC.  Thisis a discussion point at present in CPC but is getting a lot of discussion.

One aspect that is clear is that it will sometimes affect our Open Meeting scheduling since the rules of Council require that any item requiring a vote must have been made available for discussion at the sponsoring committee's open meeting before coming to Council.  So we would occasionally need to be on Monday afternoon.

It would also mean that we could not announce the ChemLuminary winners at Council.

There are some other parts that are essentially timeline compression (always fun).

Please respond ASAP or by Friday morning, June 4.  I have to get a written piece submitted by the end of the day on Friday.  Please respond even if it is to say "no effect."



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Re: Council meeting change re LSAC?

Lee has mentioned the concerns I would have. Right now with all the activities associated with governance I barely have time for technical sessions. With the schedule compression of moving the Council meeting to Tues, I expect there would be even more conflicts than I already find.   Probably things would start to get scheduled on Fri.   Has anyone tried to come up with a mock Council-on-Tues. schedule?  Could council meet on Tues. afternoon, instead of morning? In any case, I'm not feeling strongly about this.

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