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Fellows Nomination vote

ExCom members,

We have a suggestion fro nomination for the Fellows Program.  Ressano has suggested Wayne Jones.  We do not have other suggestions.

While I cannot participate in the nomination (I am a member of the Fellows Oversight Committee), I would like to ask your support for LSAC to make a nomination of Wayne for this significant honor.

Please respond ASAP.

Since this is largely a formality, in anticipation of a positive vote and in view of the submission date being May 7th, I have asked Jetty, Kim and Ressano to assemble a nomination.  In that context, I hve asked Jetty to write the formal letter from LSAC since I can't.

Thanks for a quick response.


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Re: Fellows Nomination vote

I support Wayne's nomination wholeheartedly.

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Re: Fellows Nomination vote

I support Wayne's nomination - Jetty

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