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Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Agenda 6/3/2011

Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Agenda 6/3/2011

Through its vote, the LRPC committee has made its preferences clear, and has chosen these priorities:

#1 = Prepare for, review and revise the NY Strategic Plan. 

#2 = Program Review.  (The LRPC group consensus is that we prepare for review and revision of the NY Strategic Plan, and then review programs against the plan.)


The first major component in Priority 1, identified by committee vote, is an Environmental Scan.

The Committee is invited to organize itself to address this environmental scan in its June 3 meeting.   

What are the environmental trends that will affect the NY Section?  NY will share some general ones, and have some that are unique. Getting general trends from elsewhere could save time. 

One approach:

  1. Learn from ACS National  (trends in the profession, in the environment):  What has ACS learned from its environmental scan for its Strategic Plan?  General trends?   O'Brien could take that one, and bring it to the committee.
  2. Learn from LSAC (trends in ACS Local Sections in general😞   Lee Latimer is Chair of LSAC.  Someone on the Committee could ask Lee for documents that summarize trends in local sections. 
  3. Learn from LRPC, from NY Board, from members (trends specific to the NY Section):  Can ACS identify any demographic or other trends in the NY Section?   What do we know about trends specific to the New York Section?  We could ask the LRPC itself, and the NY Board, and gather responses.
  4. Learn from other Sections: 

What are other sections doing to accommodate to environmental trends?  to change the way they do things to respond to (and get ahead of) the environment?  Someone from the LRPC could look for answers from the Network, from National Meeting Local Section poster displays, from .  Who from the committee would like to do this?

You are invited to respond to this agenda, add your comments, etc.!  Relevant files are attached.