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To change or not to change your last name, if you already have published

If you finished your studies with your maiden name and sometime after you get married.

Do you re-born or get lost in space after marriage?

Conference and Paper Citations

Recomendation Letters

Diplomas and Degrees

What is your experience?

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Re: To change or not to change your last name, if you already have published

I've struggled with this. I married when I was in grad school so my published name is hyphenated between my maiden and my married name. I believe my diploma said that as well.

My hyphenated name was a mouthful (Berg-Brennan) and I eventually just changed my name to Christine Berg Brennan (no hyphen), so I was known as Dr. or Mrs. Brennan (depending on the situation).

Then my husband passed. I had two kids and they kept their father's name. So I rearranged my name to become Christine Brennan Schmidt so that people knew I was married to my husband, but i was the mother to my kids.

You would think in this modern day, that people would know parents' last names don't often match their kids. My husband and I still get called Brennan.

I would think that at some point you can start connecting your papers to a professional profile so that it doesn't matter what your last name was, In the Network, I would recommend tagging to make sure the two pieces of informaiton are associated.