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Combating Fear of Chemicals - an L.A. Times OP-ED article

The L.A. Times had an interesting OP-ED piece this past Sunday on the term "Chemical-free".  It was written by Deborah Blum, a Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer. We had a playful contest at the office a number of years ago where we would award a prize to anyone who could find anything on Earth that was not made up of chemicals.  The prize has long since vanished into obscurity.

Please check out the article and share your thoughts.,0,7114800.story

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Re: Combating Fear of Chemicals - an L.A. Times OP-ED article

Definitely worth a bookmark.

"Chemical-free" is often seems to be a clue that the product or retailer:

1. Wants to sell you something,

2. Wants to charge you a higher price than a competitive something, and

3. Has discovered that fear is an easier thing to pitch than accuracy.

Has ACS provided any "Op-Ed" pieces on this kind of thing? It seems just as significant social issue as taking stands on evolution or climate change.

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