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Mass spec users-HELP!

I hope that I can get some advice from Mass spec users. I am currently looking at purchasing a MASS spec instrument with LC separation, that can conduct HDX-MS experiments as well as general protein identification and post translational modifications. Then, and this is my first question, Can an instrument specialised for this type of protein work also be used for vitamin and amino acid identification?

What would my best choice of LC be? UPLC nano, or capillary or just normal HPLC and then also should I have a sort of 2D set up?

Then ion source suppliers have been competing some say MALDI others say ESI, which is best?

Finally the actual MS instrument which is the leader in this type of work? I need to hear which ones work best form users to guide my decision.

Would love to hear feedback, I am rather clueless never worked on MS before setting up whole new lab.

Samantha in South Africa

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Re: Mass spec users-HELP!

Waters and Thermo sell commercial instruments.  IMO the MS not so much specialized as is the LC component (generally chilled etc to reduce back exchange).  Having said this Waters has done alot of marketing of their HDX-Synapt platform.  Thermo's offering is newer but I do not have much info on it.

As stated above the MS is not so much specilaized for HDX so yes you can do other exps.

The choice of LC is dictated by the HDX exps. and most likely will be UPLC.  The choice of nano vs cap deps. on needs and expertise.  For instance a nano 2D system sounds like a great option but if you will only be using 2D minimally and you are not sample limited, then the extra burden and complexity isnt worth it.

Common HDX procedures involve digestion of protein and LC so ESI is an common interface for HDX.

A good contact from Waters for further discussion.

My email is if you would like to discuss HDX in detail.