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New SCC Committee Members promoting Our ACS Network Presence

I would like to welcome the new volunteers as of the 2017 Spring National Meeting in San Francisco who agreed to initiate and post replies here on our Senior Chemists Forum on the ACS Network.

They are Kelly Moran, Anna Wilson, Milton Levenberg, and Ron Archer.

There are some discussions which Semora and I have initiated, but many more should be started by you in order to stimulate this as a useful tool.  There are a lot of people looking at the posts, but few are actually replying.  You can help fix this.

In addition, you may learn from an ACS member of something that they would like to have posted on this ACS Senior Chemists Network location, and you should feel free to post it on their behalf.  There's  not a too good or too bad a post that people should worry about at this point in time.  One good example is Semora's post for a senior chemist about thoughts on the liberal arts education falling short of creating a well-rounded graduate with meaningful knowledge about the sciences.  I invite you to comment.  I already did a few minutes ago.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have any problems.  Remember, you need to login twice, once to get to the membership website, and secondly to get on the ACS Network!

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Community Manager

Re: New SCC Committee Members promoting Our ACS Network Presence

Really happy to see this post. If you run into issues or have questions about using the ACS Network, feel free to ping me, or post a question in  Help​. I am more than willing to try and find a solution or share with you anything i know.