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Do you miss "discussing business" with SCHB members?

New Benefit for SCHB Members
Are you missing the opportunity to "discuss business" with your SCHB colleagues, due to the cancellation of the Philadelphia meeting? SCHB wants to keep its members engaged, in spite of the void left after Philadelphia.

SCHB will begin scheduling weekly conference call times for members to talk about whatever is on their mind. Just like you would have done in Philadelphia at the Expo Booth, Reception, or Coffee Break. If you have questions on coping with supply chain disruptions, working at home interruptions, disaster relief, or anything else on your mind, join other SCHB members and share your dilemmas, how you fixed your problems, ask others for opinions on what to do, etc.

In the upcoming weeks, SCHB can devote calls to specific topics, but for starters, it's open discussion and anything is on the table.

SCHB Members “Discuss Business” conference call
Friday, April 3, 2020 2:00-3:00 pm EDT Open Topics


Joe Sabol, Marquette MI (moderator)
Nicolas Gerst, Evanston IL, Laboratory Instrument Services
Jennifer Maclachlan, Cape Cod MA, instrument manufacturing
Mukund Chorghade, Hillsboro NJ
Adam Sussman, Chicago IL, IP attorney (notes)
Neal Langerman, San Diego CA, water treatment
Pete Bonk, Rhode Island


2:00 pm Welcome and pleasantries
2:05 pm Introduction, where are you from and what’s on your mind?
2:15 pm 10-15 min each on the highest priority items
2:55 pm Wrap-up (notes posted on SCHB Group on ACS Network)
3:00 pm Conclude


1. Not a good idea to have a single source of raw materials.
2. How to keep in contact with customers and scheduling when restrictions lifted
3. Disaster recovery funding, CARES Act
See and commercial banks for regulations and applications, submit by on-line portal, not email or snail mail.
Loans available up to $1 million, no interest for 6 months, loan forgiven if used for wages.
Continue to pay your employees on regular schedule.
There will be ongoing supply chain issues from China.
Recommendation for reservation system on first-come first-serve basis for subsequent to remain-in-place conclusion.
Service GMP customers, essential businesses, during shut-down and charge at premium.
Stay in contact with customers.
Be quick about filing for SBA loan, because there is a limited bucket of funds; once funds are depleted, you will wait much longer.
Work with vendors on payment deferral or forgiveness.

Next SCHB Members “Discuss Business” conference call
Wednesday, April 8, 11:00 am - 12:00 noon EDT COVID Safety
Moderators: Neal Langerman and Jennifer MacLachlan

Week of April 13: Computer and IT security when working from home (tentative).


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