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Illustrated Poem Contest - "The Wonders of Water"

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The Southwest Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) thanks the teachers in the area who submitted their student’s illustrated poems to the CCED 2014 contest with theme “The Wonders of Water”. The best poems awards were presented during the Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 19.  The awards and $50 prizes went to:  
a) Sofia Paoletti from Valwood School (K-2nd grade); 
b) Jessie Hutcheson from Eastside Elementary (3rd-5th grades); 
c) Abigail McGee from Pine Grove Middle School (6th-8th grade) and 
d) Alison Peters from Lowndes High School, Valdosta (9th-12th grade).
The best poems will represent the local section in the national contest.
Honorary mention diplomas were awarded to: Brandon Vining (2nd grade) from Eastside Elementary; Chance A. Cigola (5th) from W. G. Nunn Elementary; Danielle Sweet (8th) from St. John Catholic School, and Max Wang(10th) from Lowndes High School.