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Climate Change: Science & Communication Resources

The National Academies recently published a booklet entitled "Climate Change: Lines of Evidence".

This engaging, well-written, and well-documented booklet tackles the state of climate science in three parts:

(1) what evidence is there of anthropogenic climate change?

(2) what can we expect in terms of current and future impacts?

(3) how can science inform decisions we make with respect to climate change?

The recent spat of severe  weather and damaging fires across the United States is (unfortunately) yet another reminder of the importance of learning about, discussing, and teaching others the science behind climate change and what that science tells us we can do about it.

While these recent events cannot, of course, be said to be the direct result of climate change, they are consistent with the predicted (and observed) pattern of increasingly severe weather events caused by climate change.

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Re: Climate Change: Science & Communication Resources

Thanks for the info, I teach a Chemistry and Society course, and this will be very helpful when talking about climate change!

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