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Sustainability Programs are popular and of great opportunities for Partnering with NGOs. Can you suggest other partners?

Sustainablity programs benefit many.  Why not team with other groups and share your success stories.  The attached PowerPoint has three introductory YouTube videos introducing the topic so  you can choose the best for your audience.

Surveying your members will uncover many points of connection with the topic.  If they are working with another group, why not bring them into the program as well.   Net Impact, for instance. has co sponsored many green chemistry events.  From the list of groups attached you will find several active in your area.  We often double our attendance with partnered programs. Related programming will help your section prepare for the new CEI ChemLuminary Sustainablity award.

You can share one of the success stories in your area.  Member of the Alco Sustainability team saved $1400 each last year as reported in their annual plan.  Here in NJ brownfields are being reclaimed allowing beautiful access to the Raritan River which was long sought.  The process is also employing environmental chemists who are assureing safety to their users.

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