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Recorded Presentations from ACS National Meetings Now Available

Recorded Presentations from ACS National Meetings Now Available

Over 225 technical presentations from the thematic and technical program were recorded at the ACS National Meetings in Salt Lake City and Washington, DC.  The recorded presentations include the audio portion of the presentation synchronized with the PowerPoint slides.  See:

Many of the presentations are being viewed by research groups and as classroom exercises in advanced chemistry classes.  What are some of the uses you have found for archival presentations?


Richard - This is a great post and I am anxious to hear of what some members are doing with this great resource.  Here are two items.

1. I am presently teaching an Advanced Inorganic senior level undergraduate course and we are focusing on nano!!!

There were a series of great talks related to nanotechnology at the Salt Lake meeting. We have used Dr. Whitesides talk as a broad overview of the status and then two other talks as specific examples of state of the art in research.  The presentations are great because you can stop them and discuss items during the talk to provide clarity.  Following the presentations, we summarize as a group and discuss the research.  This is a great resource for our students to hear a Preistly medalist speak (since the vast majority likely will not have that opportunity) and also hear cutting edge research presented at National Meetings.

2.  I don't have the results, but in October our Local Section meeting is going to use Dr. Vicki Colvin's "Nano in the Environment" presentation as our content.  We will meet next Wednesday and show the presentation and follow it with a discussion.  I will report back on the results, but folks are very interested in the blending of these two issues and I think it will garner much interest.

I look forward to hearing from others!!  Thanks...