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2/24/11 Cut & Paste

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What is Cut & Paste?

Cut & Paste is a valuable resource for ACS Local Section and Division editors/webmasters who want timely content for their website or newsletter.  Peruse the items listed and simply copy the information your audience will want to read into your newsletter or website.

Free Middle School Science Teaching Resource from ACS

The Education Division of the American Chemical Society has developed a new middle school chemistry resource called Middle School Chemistry: Big Ideas about the Very Small. This six chapter resource is available for free at and can serve as either a stand-alone chemistry unit or as a supplement to any middle school science curriculum. Middle School Chemistry uses a hands-on inquiry approach, along with specially designed molecular model animations, to take students from concrete experiences to an understanding of the abstract world of atoms and molecules. Please share this free resource developed by your professional organization with the middle school teachers you know.