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Contributor III

Accept Secure and Non-Secure Items in FORMS

FORMS users using Internet Explorer will receive the security warning (pictured below) that "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items."  It is OK to accept this security warning as this is an expected occurence in FORMS.  Please click "Yes" to accept the nonsecure items to allow the page to render properly.

Secure and Non-Secure Items.png

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New Contributor II

Re: Accept Secure and Non-Secure Items in FORMS

Hi Mark,

Does this message only appear with Internet Explorer?  Using Internet Explorer, I clicked yes and the FORMS page did not have the same format.  If I clicked no, it had the format as described in the LS users guide.  Also, this message appeared repeatedly.

Martha Hollomon

Councilor, Dealware Section

New Contributor

Re: Accept Secure and Non-Secure Items in FORMS

Ensuring the security and functionality of web forms is crucial for a seamless user experience. When dealing with the question of accepting both secure and non-secure items in forms, it's essential to strike the right balance.

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