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Periodic Table Wallet Cards - ACS Store

In recent days when ordering “Periodic Table Wallet Cards” from the ACS Store for some Science Fair participant thank you packs I found that I procured the last few packages of these and that they are now “out of stock”.   It wasn’t clear if that item is being continued, i.e. new stock is on the way, or will be discontinued as some other ACS Store items have been.

I did note that the pictured periodic table on the cards I most recently received is a bit out of date, e.g. missing copernicium, flerovium, and livermorium.  As well, there are four more expected additions (113, 115, 117, and 118) to the periodic table based on published information.  The current product description on the ACS Store indicates that these cards “feature the newest elements and element names”.  Not sure if those words were meant to apply to what I received or a new version in production.

Finding this item out of stock and the noted outdated content of the pictured periodic table got me to thinking about the comparative cost of just having these printed as needed by an outfit such as Vista Print.  Based on the Member price the cost per card is 12.6 cents.  Also considering whether a larger size format may be better and allow more information on the reverse side.  Not sure if others have experimented with such?

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