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Chemistry @ the Mall

Chemistry @ the Mall

Chemistry @ The Mall

The Western Michigan ACS section celebrates National Chemistry Week each year by engaging the next generation of scientists in interactive chemistry demonstrations. This year, the American Chemical Society has chosen the theme to be "Marvelous Metals" and the celebration will take place October 20-26, 2019. We plan to have some hands-on demonstrations relating to this topic at our hands-on event this fall, however, instead of Chemistry @ The Mall we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the periodic table. For more information on that event that is still free to the public, please visit our IYPT page.

Section members performed demonstrations live on TV in 2018: Fox 17 Morning Mix and WZZM Morning News

Section members performed demonstrations live on TV in 2017: Fox 17 Morning Mix and WZZM Morning News

A local TV station covered the event in 2015: WZZM Coverage of Chemistry @ The Mall

K-12 students will have the opportunity to create illustrated poems for "Chemistry is Out of This World" that will be judged at the event. Winners will receive a gift card and advancement to the national competition. Winners from the local section may be seen below, including past years' winners.

2018 National Chemistry Week Winners

2016 National Chemistry Week Winners

2015 National Chemistry Week Winners 

2014 National Chemistry Week Winners

2013 National Chemistry Week Winners

2012 National Chemistry Week Winners

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