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    ACS Strategic Plan for 2009 and Beyond

    Robert Rich

      The ACS Strategic Plan for 2009 & Beyond has been released at http://strategy.acs.org.  I would encourage you to review the plan and offer any comments, suggestions, or questions here, or by email to strategicplan@acs.org.  What do you think?

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          Rolande Hodel

          Goal 2 of course is at the heart of the work I do leading the effort to establish drug production in Africa.

          see http://www.AIDSfreeAFRICA.org   See summary profil in this ACS data base. ACS was kind enough to honor our efforts with the Astellas USA Foundation award August 16th, 2009 Washington DC ACS meeting.


          Goal number 2 is: The Society should engage the global chemical community in collaborations, research, education, and meetings. The desired outcome is an engaged community and the process of engagement itself. Other strategic goals are focused on specific outcomes that become possible with an engaged community.




          Dr. Rolande R. Hodel